I am a policy analyst focused on making cities more equitable and sustainable, which I am currently doing through my work at the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University. On this site, you will find easy access to my projects – including my dissertation on urban sustainability in Massachusetts – and how to contact me. My work is focused on urban policy, demography, housing policy, environmental policy, and urban sustainability.


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I am a Research Analyst at the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University with a PhD in Public Administration from American University. Hailing originally from St. Paul and Lake Elmo, Minnesota, I have always been interested in cities and the ways in which they enable more socially connected, environmentally efficient living. When pursuing my BA in Philosophy at Connecticut College, I focused on the ethical elements of individual and societal actions, which naturally led to researching and writing about policy for the think tank Minnesota 2020. From there, I moved to Washington, DC to pursue a Master of Public Policy degree at American University. After graduating from the MPP program, I embarked on the PhD journey and graduated in 2017.

My primary interest in urban sustainability lies in the three pillars of sustainability: environment, economy, and equity. In the rush towards sustainability (which is a welcome trend), some of these pillars are prioritized at the expense of others – most often the environment and the economy are prioritized over equity. Cities and towns cannot sustain themselves without all three spheres, so my research focuses on how cities can better pursue all three spheres together.

Take a look at my resume or CV, or ​contact me to talk ideas, data, or publications.

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You can find me at many different places around the internet. Find me on Twitter for updates on my current research, thoughts on policy developments, and – most importantly – #MapMonday. For a professional overview, visit me on LinkedIn, and for an academic overview, find me on ResearchGate.

Feel free to go there or to email me directly. ​I’m happy to share papers, data, and ideas at any time.

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